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Our valued customers with hunting rifles it manufactures and offers the best quality of Hedef Arms

followed closely by both technology as well as innovation, expert engineers, technicians and increasing our employees in our sales network, the quality in the world and which has made its name, rifles preferred in each country, the most prominent target of our entering in the industry among the top 5 companies in the world ranking.

over the last 15 years of our history in the shotgun sector in the world to be a company that announces every country name, hunters and shooters the best to our friends, the best quality products, best suited to offer the same terms, both the value we provide to customers as well as our employees with the technological age we are in knowing that we are a family of sectoral innovation by increasing our pursuit of success to advance our biggest reason for existence.

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Tel:+90 332 512 74 11

Tel:+90 533 604 53 21

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